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Environmental Noise and Building Noise Technical Director (ISO/IEC 17025)
Executive Director (co-Owner)

I am 34 year-old. I am an engineer. I have studied a Master in Architectonic and Environmental Acoustics, a Postgraduate course in Environmental Management and a BEng in Chemical Tecnic Engineer. I am an entrepreneurial, adaptable both changes and unexpected contingencies.
I have experience in control of noise in buildings, infrastructures and industries. I am highly proficient with several specialised acoustic software both environmental and architectonic, it is like CADNA® or ODEON®. Certified installation of logger limiters (CESVA) in special entertainment areas.
I have lectured engineers in environmental noise at Professionals Bodies. I am a certified expert according to the standard ISO/IEC 17025 for both Environmental Noise Control and Building Noise Control by Catalan Government.
Besides, I have experience in the building sector in the most of design and production processes of curtain wall façades. I am highly proficient in specialised software like AUTOCAD®, TEKLA STRUCTURES® and PROENGINEER®.
I worked for metallurgic and automotive industries. I introduced a production system and I did tasks of schedule, design and management of budgets, deadlines and teams until 25 workers.

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